Sizing – Medallion

ASA Sizing chemicals program features a polymer-based emulsifier that brings operational and quality control to your paper system.

Medallion Sizing Program

Cooked cationic starch? It’s done. Buckman’s Medallion ASA sizing system features a breakthrough emulsifier, Bubond® 650, that incorporates a cationic polymer, instead of starch, to bring new operational and quality control to the sizing process. Medallion reduces hydrolysis rates, reduces machine deposition, and simplifies the entire sizing process for your alkaline papermaking system. The result is reduced sizing costs and more consistent Cobb values from reel to reel.

Comprehensive product line based on alkenyl succinic anhydride (ASA) chemistry including:

  • Buckman® range of ASA products to cover the full range of sizing requirements
  • Bubond® range of emulsion polymers for the manufacture of effective and stable ASA emulsions

Application Strategy

Comprehensive solution provider including:

  • Design and supply of a full range of ASA dosing systems suitable for any machine capacity
  • Leading Bubond® technologies for emulsifying ASA without cooked starch
  • Equipment design allowing for the accurate management of the ASA particle size distribution by controlling the energy delivered to emulsion
  • Units supplied as stand-alone or linked to the DCS
  • Selection of optimum dosing points to manage sizing performance and potential interaction of other wet end components

Monitoring and Control Strategy

Capable of providing a full range of services to optimize sizing performance including:

  • Service competencies for the management of all wet end chemistries to ensure optimum performance of the sizing program
  • Service competencies and monitoring techniques to ensure the delivery of a reliable and consistent quality of ASA emulsion to the machine