Tall Oil Separation Aid

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    If you don’t use a tall oil separation aid, you could be leaving money on the table.

    With the adoption of new rules for renewable fuels in Europe, tall oil has never been as valuable as it is today. Having the right strategy for applying tall oil separation aids has therefore never been so critical to a mill’s financial performance. Even a 1% increase in tall oil yield can translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in unrealized value for a mill.

    Tall oil recovery products:

    Buckman’s highly trained solutions engineers will evaluate a range of Busperse® products to find the right fit for optimal tall oil recovery in your process.

    Improving soap recovery:

    With crude tall oil prices at historic highs, you’re focused on maximizing the output of your mill’s tall oil plant – but could you improve tall oil yield by sending more soap to your tall oil process?

    Not only is your process’ soap a valuable commodity, but poor separation can cause evaporator fouling, recovery boiler loading, and effluent toxicity.

    Buckman’s soap separation aid can help you get the most out of your soap recovery system by reducing the solubility of soap in the liquor solution.

    Tall oil separation aid application strategy:

    Having the right application strategy for tall oil separation aids can make a world of difference in your process:

    • Increased yield on equivalent batches. This equates to increased production and higher quality batches, which can command higher prices per ton.
    • Reduced settling time. This equates to making more batches, or cooks, in less time.
    • Improved layer separation. There is a clearer distinction between crude tall oil, “rag layer” and brine. Proper tall oil separation aid application allows for better usage of spent acid and fewer upsets in recovery when it is sent to the weak black liquor storage.

    If you’re interested in soap or tall oil separation aids or have any questions about these technologies, ask your local Buckman representative or fill out the contact form on this page.


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