Oxygen Delignification

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    Turbocharge your oxygen delignification system with
    D-Lig™ 151.

    Improved lignin removal.  Enhanced oxygen transfer.

    Now you can accelerate the oxygen delignification process and get superior results with D-Lig151 from Buckman. It doesn’t change the chemistry of the process; it makes it more efficient, enhancing the mass transfer of oxygen to the fiber to achieve a significantly higher rate of lignin removal. With D-Lig 151, you can streamline your bleaching operation, reduce bleach use, improve yield and even improve final brightness out of the bleach plant. Applicable to all wood types, it’s the front-end improvement that can yield real back-end savings, ton after ton.

    D-Lig 151 makes a great process even better.

    Your oxygen delignification system is a great investment, reducing kappa gently and significantly lowering bleach plant effluents that adversely affect the environment. But now you can make it even better. Unique in the industry, D-Lig 151 can take your O2 process to the next level with outstanding results you’ll see in the pulp and on the bottom line.

    Better efficiency

    In lab tests, D-Lig 151 improved oxygen delignification efficiency by 4 percentage points. And it was found to reduce ClO2 consumption in the bleach plant by as much as 10 kg/ton (22 lbs./ton).

    More control

    Delignification efficiency can be kept constant while parameters of the O2 stage can be manipulated to either save caustic or reduce viscosity loss in the stage. Keep a constant digester kappa and reduce kappa to the bleach plant to save on bleach chemicals. Keep the kappa to the bleach plant constant and raise the digester kappa to improve wood yield.

    Easy application

    Typically fed at the discharge of the final wash stage prior to the O2 reactor, it requires no special mixing or high-pressure pumps.