Dosing MCA

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    Dose when you need it, where you need it, and with the amount you need

    You already know that monochloramine is an effective slime and odor control treatment. But how you apply it is critical. Most MCA vendors use batch dosing, which feeds the biocide in spurts, alternating between high doses and none at all. These batch doses introduce high concentrations that can be incompatible with other functional chemistries and low concentrations that allow pH values to decrease in the stock prep area, leading to dissolved calcium and increased conductivity. When you work with Buckman MCA’s continuous dosing, you maintain a steady flow at the appropriate level to effectively manage pH, dissolved calcium, COD, and conductivity as well as reduce corrosion and scale buildup. If you need to shut down, for a maintenance outage, for example, you can maintain higher inventories without risking fiber degradation. All this means you’ll not just control slime and odor, but you’ll also gain stock flexibility, reduce fresh water usage, improve startups, and optimize your functional chemistries.


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