How Can Process Stability Be Accomplished?

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    Accomplish recycled packaging process stability with MCA

    Calcium levels, and the stabilization of the mineral, in a recycled packaging mill have to be taken into consideration by mill operations. Much of the dissolution of calcium carbonate entering the mill is due to microbial activity and can lead to scaling, strength decrease, felt filling, and functional chemistry interference. As paper manufacturers continue to use less water, this closure concentrates the contaminants, food, and micro-organisms in a system that previously had little to no measured microbiological activity.

    To deal with this contamination, monochloramine (MCA) is the preferred treatment as it solves the problem at source…the microbial population.  Monochloramine treatment of your system will allow the mill to stabilize calcium and prevent the side effects of poor microbial control.

    Monochloramine dosage is controlled and managed in your system through a range of on-line and off-line testing that ensures you have optimal control of the microorganisms and the impact that they have on calcium moving through your system.


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