Improve Colour Removal and Sugar Quality with Bulab 5908

Improve colour removal and sugar quality with Bulab® 5908

High quality sugar production requires a high-performing colour precipitant you can depend on. For that, turn to Buckman and Bulab 5908. A highly cationic, liquid flocculant, Bulab 5908 has been formulated to more effectively bind colourants and other anionic impurities in the melt for improved precipitation, reduced turbidity and greater purity. Bulab 5908 can raise the quality of your sugars while reducing your total cost of production. And that can make your bottom line a whole lot sweeter.

At Buckman, we know the origins and properties of sugar colour, whether from the cane itself or from factory processes. To optimise decolourisation, we have engineered the molecular structure and charge ratios of Bulab 5908 to target and penetrate specific colour bodies and impurities present in raw sugar melts. This perfect match between colour particle and decolourant chemistry results in superior colour removal.

Optimise refinery process performance

Used in combination with refinery processes, such as carbonatation, sulfitation and phosphatation, Bulab 5908 applications can result in colour reductions of up to 60%. So you can:

  • Produce high quality white sugar
  • Effectively process high-colour raw sugar
  • Consistently meet sugar specifications

Enhance profitability

Because Bulab 5908 works so efficiently, your plant can:

  • Streamline processing
  • Reduce dependence on less effective chemistries
  • Raise product value
  • Lower the total cost of production

Get all the support you need

With a full range of solutions for the sugar industry, a commitment to customer service, deep application expertise, remote monitoring capabilities and more, Buckman isn’t just chemistry. It’s chemistry, connected.

More Colour Out. More Value In.

Improve colour removal and sugar quality with BulabĀ® 5908



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Sugar & Ethanol WT Product Application Guide

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Sugar & Ethanol Product Application Guide

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Improve Colour Removal and Sugar Quality with Bulab 5908

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