Chemicals for Crust and Leather Finishing

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    Advanced chemicals enhance the retan and finish of your leather*

    Fashion will come and go, but the commercial success of each crust and finished leather will depend to a large extent on consistent results coming from a balanced chemical recipe based on quality chemical products from a reliable supplier. Buckman technicians can help your development department create articles new to the marketplace, match fashion items required by your customer, and improve leather performance results to meet demanding standards.

    We offer a wide range of chemical products including auxiliaries, syntans, neutralizing agents, fixatives, fatliquors, and finishing products to cost-effectively help you develop fashion and technical leathers that meet the needs of today’s marketplace.

    *Available in selected markets


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    Modern Cow Leather Processing

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    Love Leather

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    Butan® Oil 7934

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    Fine Hair on American Bovine Leathers

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    Short-term Preservation with Busan.