Foaming Cooling Tower

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    My cooling tower is foaming over.

    Here’s why: Cascading water, the continuous recycling of contaminants, and a high concentration of foam stabilizers can cause foam to overflow the tower sump, blow off the towers, or even cause an airlock in the water pumps.

    So what: Foam concentrates deposit-forming materials, increasing the chance of fouling in the system. Excess foam can damage the surfaces of objects around and below the tower and spread bacteria.

    How we fight: Fortunately, Buckman has a comprehensive line of highly effective defoamers that can calm the waters fast. Buckman, based on an integrated approach, will act on one or all the following strategies to inhibit foam formation:

    • System blowdowns to remove contaminants
    • Mitigation of environmental dirt
    • Adjustment of the chemical feed or alkalinity in the water