Mineral Scaling and Corrosion

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    My cooling tower looks crusty and rusty.

    Here’s why: Your cooling tower is suffering from mineral scaling and corrosion.

    So what: Scaly deposits of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, magnesium silicate, silica and other mineral compounds not only mar appearance, they can accelerate corrosion. A rusty appearance occurs when electrically charged particles flow through metal components, causing the metal to oxidize and eventually lose thickness. Corrosion causes pitting and leaks in cooling systems and can lead to the replacement of pipes, pumps, heat exchanger tubes and even entire cooling towers.

    How we fight: Fighting corrosion involves controlling certain water properties including pH, oxygen, temperature, water velocity, suspended solids and dissolved solids. Dissimilar metals and process leaks can also lead to corrosion and must be addressed. Buckman, based on an integrated approach, will act on one or all the following strategies to successfully fight asset aging:

    • Use of corrosion-resistant materials in the system’s construction
    • Application of inert barriers
    • Use of sacrificial anodes
    • Adjustments to water chemistry
    • Prevention of scale and microbiological fouling which can lead to corrosion
    • Application of chemical corrosion inhibitors

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