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    Get the right coating chemistry for your Yankee

    If your Yankee coating has reacted unpredictably to past adjustments, it’s natural to want to keep it stable—but that often means giving up on continuous process improvement. What if you could get the right coating chemistry for your Yankee? When you partner with Buckman, you will understand how different chemical packages perform based on proprietary lab testing and data. You’ll work with Buckman tissue experts to identify the right coating package based on where you want to take your process to most efficiently address your unique goals. And you will co-author success criteria for your project during an evaluation plan workshop—ensuring everyone stays aligned on expectations, responsibilities, and goals throughout. With clear recommendations and process insights in hand, you’ll make confident, data-based decisions and move seamlessly from planning to execution—implementing an optimal Yankee coating solution that will deliver concrete, measurable improvements.


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