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    Make proactive adjustments before issues are apparent

    By the time many operators recognize that something is off with your process—maybe the coating looks odd, the blade sounds harsh, or they’re experiencing breaks—it’s usually too late to prevent production impacts. When you partner with Buckman, your operators can identify and react to pending process changes before they impact throughput and quality.

    Buckman’s Tissue Team provides a variety of diagnostic tools to bring a predictive element to managing your process. For example, with vibration analyses of both the cleaning and creping blades, you can see how furnish or other changes are affecting your equipment. With real-time natural coating data you can see wet end changes before they impact your creping process. The Tissue Team can even use augmented reality to gain real-time visibility into your process—providing direct support without geographical restrictions. With this kind of comprehensive insight into your process, you’re able to head off potential quality and production issues and maintain momentum toward your most important KPIs.


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