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    Is making adjustments to Yankee coating worth the risk?

    In many mills, the Yankee coating is a legacy application that hasn’t been significantly changed in years. Newer staff may not even understand how it works. They just know it does, and it’s too risky to mess with—particularly as market demand and internal pressures are pushing them to make more tons as efficiently as possible. As a result, any potential beneficial process changes that negatively impact the Yankee coating are quickly scuttled.

    So instead you decide to make minor adjustments to the Yankee coating or leave it as is, exploring changes you can make both up- and downstream of the machine that play nicely with the coating. For example, you might experiment with chemistry applications at the wet end, change basis weight, or attempt to compensate through converting. But in each case, if your Yankee coating isn’t running optimally, you’re leaving money on the table. Yes, you’ve avoided the short-term disruption of a Yankee coating trial. But you may have locked in sub-optimal Yankee coating conditions for the long term, which is the “gift that keeps on taking.”


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