Oxamine® for Water Treatment

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    Protect your water systems with Buckman’s monochloramine-based biocide

    Now you can get a water treatment program that’s tougher on microbiological activity, easier on the environment. The Oxamine® system, Buckman’s monochloramine (MCA)-based biocide program, combines smart chemistry and proprietary feeding and monitoring equipment to bring you a more stable water treatment biocide you can feel good about.

     A highly-effective, powerful microbicide

    Microbiological fouling and infection cause corrosion and block heat transfer. Perhaps even worse, fouling creates the perfect place for pathogenic bacteria to grow. Buckman has engineered a system like none other to fight it. Oxamine is a powerful monochloramine-based biocide that is highly effective against a broad range of microorganisms. It is your best choice for high organic demand waters, where chlorine or bromine levels would be too high, and perfect for your low and medium demand waters, too—anywhere bromination is used. You get cleaner cooling tower fill and improved all-around performance in your fresh, process and reuse water systems.

    A more cost-effective, greener microbiological control chemistry

    Oxamine is more environmentally friendly than conventional halogen treatments, degrading into simple, nontoxic salts while minimizing the formation of AOX compounds. Yet, it is more cost‑effective than virtually any other oxidizing or nonoxidizing biocide. You can rely on Oxamine for:

    • Greater stability over a wider pH range than chlorine and bromine
    • Longer lasting residual effectiveness
    • Lower oxidation potential
    • Degradation to simple, nontoxic salts
    • No contribution of organic contaminants

     Oxamine’s fully automated feed technology comes with safety features

    To ensure both safe handling and effectiveness, the Oxamine solution is generated from Oxamine and bleach precursors and fed into the target water system using Buckman’s custom-designed chemical feed skid under the supervision of our trained representatives. Our self-contained feed technology offers:

    • Accurate feed rate control and distribution
    • Optimum mixing for high stability and guaranteed microbial control
    • Several feed points with wide treatment capacity
    • Wide application range and flexible dosing options
    • No capital investment — Buckman owns and maintains all application equipment
    • Can be linked to your DCS so you can monitor vital activity
    • Several levels of telemetry available to keep you informed

    Treat your water and the environment better with Oxamine.