Buckman Announces Global Price Increase

MEMPHIS, Tenn., USA – Buckman, a privately-held global company specializing in innovative chemistry and smart solutions, announced global price increases of 8 to 25% for all product offerings. The price increases will become effective immediately.

Recent increases in the price of raw materials, in addition to rising energy, transportation, labor, and regulatory costs, have put an unsustainable strain that can no longer be completely absorbed by the company. In addition, market projections predict continued rising costs of upstream feedstock that, if accurate, could warrant additional pricing action.

Price increases will vary depending on geographic region and products and services sold. In some areas, increases may be higher where local conditions may necessitate additional adjustments.

Buckman will continue to strive to add value to customer operations by investing in innovative technology and optimizing operations around the world to offer the highest value products and services at the lowest possible costs.

About Buckman

Buckman is completely committed to helping our customers succeed, regardless of the challenges facing them, the industry they operate in or their location in the world. To fulfill that commitment, we surround our rigorously trained industry experts with the highest-quality chemicals, the latest smart technology, and advanced data analysis. All focused on helping our customers’ operations improve productivity, increase profitability, and ensure safety, compliance, and sustainability. That is more than chemistry. That is Chemistry, connected.

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VP of Global Marketing Communications


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