Buckman Update on Supply Chain Disruptions in the U.S.

MEMPHIS, Tenn., USA – Due to the damage caused by winter storm Uri across the South-eastern United States, several base raw material suppliers to Buckman are experiencing supply chain disruption due to failed infrastructure, utilities, and/or feedstock issues which have negatively impacted our raw material feedstock supply.

In addition to supply shortages, global logistics are being impacted by a shortage of containers and back-up of ships at ports in the U.S. as well as LTL and TL domestics tightness due to supply disruptions surrounding the winter storm.

Buckman remains focused on limiting the impact these events are having on our customers. However, in some circumstances, we have been unable to meet 100% of our supply needs for products. We are proactively pursuing qualified alternative sources and we are exhausting all options to secure the integrity of our global supply chain.

At this stage, Buckman is unable to determine when the supply of raw materials will return to normal.  However, Buckman, our supplier base, and our carriers our committed to mitigating these impacts and to do so we are conducting tactical meetings to manage the critical issues that arise daily.

Please be assured that the Buckman team is dedicated to getting our product supply back to normal levels and meeting your requirements as quickly as possible.

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