Broke Repulping for Towel Operations

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The production and converting of towel inevitability result in a significant amount of waste that tissue makers need to recycle back into their process as opposed to sending to landfill. The resins that provide wet strength to the towel while it’s in use inhibits its re-use, since it will resist breaking down into individual fibers that can be effectively re-used in the tissuemaking process. The industry has relied on the oxidative power of hypochlorite (OCL-) to break down wet strength paper so that it could be recycled into the process.  Unfortunately, hypochlorite and the caustic soda it is typically used with both have serious drawbacks for tissue makers related to operator safe handling. Read this article to learn about Buckman’s Maximyze® 3511 (known as Buzyme® 3511 in Europe), an enzyme-based product for this application, which is safer and more sustainable than the chemistry previously used to repulp wet strength broke. This article was published in the May 2023 issue of TissueMAG.