Achieve Best-in-Class Defoamer Use

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    Achieve best-in-class defoamer use

    When restrictive purchasing agreements lead to unpredictable interactions and troubleshooting, it’s easy to get caught in an expensive, seemingly never-ending chemistry spiral. What if you could achieve best-in-class defoamer use? When you partner with Buckman, you will decouple your technology from your defoamer purchasing with a subscription model that includes Ackumen™ ECHOWISE® Pro sensors, data, and support. And you will break the chemistry cycle, using closed-loop control to automatically dose defoamer based on real-time data—ultimately holding entrained air at your defined target. As a result, you’ll simplify the papermaking process, making it more consistent, predictable, and cost-efficient—while preventing unnecessary chemical usage and resultant impacts to the environment and your bottom line.


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