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    AckumenConnected Reality

    Immersive digital technology provides real solutions fast.

    Buckman’s expanding Ackumen platform now includes Ackumen Connected Reality. It’s an immersive digital consulting technology that combines artificial, augmented, and mixed reality capabilities. Ackumen Connected Reality enables Buckman personnel and customers to see, collaborate, and solve remotely, dramatically reducing response time, errors, costs, and downtime.

    Connect with real subject matter experts.

    Connected Reality allows your on-site Buckman representative to consult with subject matter experts anywhere in the world to resolve, in just hours, issues that may have otherwise taken weeks with an in-person visit. Connected Reality allows experts to see what you see to help answer questions about new applications, equipment configurations and more.

    Connect with true space planning accuracy.

    Making room for a new piece of equipment can be challenging, often requiring last minute adjustments after the equipment is delivered. With the mixed reality capabilities of Ackumen Connected Reality, you can leverage 3D models and holograms to make accurate space planning and logistical decisions prior to committing to the purchase or lease. By eliminating last minute surprises, you can save time and money.

    Connect with timely maintenance solutions.

    The faster you solve your Maintenance, Repairs & Operations (MRO) issues, the sooner you can be back up and running. Ackumen Connected Reality gives field service technicians documented guidance and access to expert advice via AR technology to troubleshoot and resolve issues faster and reduce downtime. Because there’s no need for subject matter experts on site, you don’t need pull employees from your workforce to provide assistance and support.

    The difference is real. The results, unreal!

    If you want the power of real-time support with unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and vision, connect with your Buckman sales associate and ask for a demo of Ackumen Connected Reality.


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    Buckman Ackumen Connected Reality

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