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    Introducing the AckumenTM Platform

    Real-time, interactive smart technology to simplify process management like never before.

    Every system in your operation presents unique challenges, and staying ahead of them has never been easy. Hidden problems can mean lost production, costly shutdowns, serious health and safety risks, and compliance violations. Even today, with conventional sensors and digital applications, you can get too much data that’s not really meaningful. But what if you had the power to see all and the ability to make every decision easy, with all the information you needed right at your fingertips via a simple and convenient app? Now you can with the AckumenTM Platform.

    The Ackumen Platform combines state-of-the-art sensing technology, best in class chemistries, cloud- and edge-based data analytics, 24/7 expert monitoring and analysis, and accurate predictive modeling to take the work—and the guesswork—out of managing your vital systems.

    It’s not about data. It’s about actionable insights.

    The Ackumen Platform collects data: lots of it, different types, and all in context. Its state-of-the-art IoT hardware and software includes an advanced system of wireless sensors along with cloud-based data you can trust.

    But it doesn’t stop there. It takes system monitoring and management beyond the data dump to the insights you care about most and delivers them to you in simple, easy-to-read, actionable system visualization graphics via the Ackumen remote process monitoring system.

    What’s an insight? It’s the detection of a pattern of anomalous behavior; the analysis of its root cause in measurable, rational terms; and finally, a recommended course of action to resolve the issue. The Ackumen Platform gives you the power to see fouling patterns, identify changes in product usage, discover possible upsets, detect human error, and much more. Insights like these can identify opportunities to further optimize your system to save water, energy and money.

    Whether at your desktop or on your mobile device, you’ll know in real time the status of every part of your process. You’ll clearly see how your KPI’s are tracking. And you’ll know at a glance whether an action is needed now or in five days.

    It’s backed by expert monitoring and predictive modeling.

    If your system experienced an adverse event at 4:00 in the morning, would you know? With the Ackumen Platform, you would, and so would your Buckman representative. You’ll always be confident that your systems are getting the attention they deserve because they are monitored and analyzed 24/7 by data scientists and engineers in our Insights Lab.  The Lab deals with events as they happen, assessing every alarm and eliminating false ones.  Chemical engineers working closely with data science experts enables us to see around the bend and analyze patterns that are not visible to the naked eye. “Digital twins” in the cloud constantly compare real performance with expected performance to enable the Insights Lab to predict future trends and take proactive action.

    It’s smart about maintenance, too.

    The Ackumen Platform sensors and systems are designed to enable predictive monitoring and maintenance. Ackumen keeps track of system health and automatically creates a service calendar, so you know in advance when components need to be cleaned, calibrated, or replaced.


    It supports the industry’s best inventory system.

    The Ackumen Platform can interface with SMART Inventory, which uses IoT sensors or manual measurements to monitor chemical supply and usage in any container, 24/7, and deliver insights to you via an advanced digital dashboard on your mobile. With usage-based alerts, one-click ordering, prediction of future usage and spend, and more, managing your chemistry supply has never been so efficient.

    It’s easy, flexible and affordable.

    At a time when remote digital services have become more important than ever, many providers have a high-priced “take it or leave it” approach to their packaged offerings. Not Buckman.  In addition to the remote monitoring and insights that come standard with the Ackumen Platform, we offer:

    • A superior end-to-end customer experience, from system set-up to paying invoices
    • Complete transparency of your usage and spend
    • Flexible, unbundled service and component pricing options, so you get to choose what you need at a price you can afford
    • The ability to choose the level of personal service and support you need to feel comfortable and safe during times like the COVID 19 pandemic.

     See. Understand. Solve.

    If you want system data thrown at you from all directions, you have plenty of options. If you’d rather skip ahead to “problem solved” or, even better, “problem prevented,” you have only one. The Ackumen Platform is the hands-off, worry-free system management solution that gives you the knowledge to excel.