Entrained Air: Upgrade Control Algorithms

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    Entrained air: Automatically upgrade your control algorithms

    Typical entrained air sampling methods are invasive and infrequent, requiring direct access to your chemical matrix and stock—which can introduce drift and create problematic gaps between measurement and action. This causes many operators to mistakenly downplay the importance of air in their control schemes. With Ackumen™ ECHOWISE® Pro, you will upgrade your control algorithms—automatically. ECHOWISE Pro works non-invasively, measuring entrained air via a reliable, sonar-based calculation, so there is no direct sampling or interfering with your stock. This means you will confidently measure entrained air without drift, so you can more clearly troubleshoot and fix variations that aren’t caused by air. What’s more, ECHOWISE Pro reads air every 1.5 seconds and feeds that data directly to your DCS, dashboards, or anywhere else you might want it. As a result, you’re able to create centerlines to compare with other process values—and bring your control directly into phase with your real-time operations. With more frequent and accurate measurements, you’ll be able to remove air’s influence on your paper—reducing downgrades, breaks, pinholes, and more—so you can optimize both quality and production. And once you do, you’ll be in position to truly implement automated control—relying on tighter algorithms that drive OME improvements across your entire asset base.


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