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    SMART Inventory

    Smart technology takes care of your inventory. So you can take care of business.

    Manual chemical inventory management is complicated. Continually perfecting feed rates, keeping tabs on supply and identifying just the right time to reorder is often an inexact and time-consuming process. But now there’s a smarter way. SMART Inventory powered by Ackumen from Buckman.

    SMART Inventory uses IoT sensors to monitor chemical supply in any container, anywhere, 24/7. So you get valuable, timely insight into how your inventory is currently being consumed and how it can be optimized in the future. Digitally connected to process variables, SMART Inventory works in concert with the Ackumen platform to simplify and streamline inventory management, proactively alert you before there’s a problem, and keep your chemical supply right where you want it.

    How does SMART Inventory work?

    Advanced wireless sensors attached to any container send data securely through a gateway to the cloud providing valuable real-time insights on our data visualization platform, Ackumen.

    With our SMART Inventory solution, you can easily access inventory data, consumption rates, inventory reports and alerts on your smartphone. This data is also visible to your Buckman sales rep and our remote monitoring center.

    For a deeper dive into your chemical usage, SMART Inventory monitors and analyzes actual usage rates, target usage rates and overall chemical consumption rates to provide critical observations and alerts when an order is needed for each chemical application.

    Integration with supply chain means SMART Inventory can automatically generate an order and place it in the cart. All you have to do is review the suggested order, approve with a single click and track the order progress on the app.

    SMART Inventory helps you easily manage your chemical inventory.

    • Advanced wireless technology with data security set to the highest standards
    • Installation, commissioning, provisioning and start-up
    • Replacement of components at any time
    • 24/7 monitoring, support and oversight from remote monitoring center
    • On-site tank level calibration and sensor maintenance
    • Inventory level, usage rate, alert and alarm visibility on Buckman’s Ackumen data platform.