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    Pitch Control Case Studies: Dose at a lower rate than talc


    Pitch Control Case Study 1

    The challenge: A large North American pulp mill wanted to expand into low-ash pulp markets. To accomplish that, they needed to eliminate talc and maintain very low dirt counts (<1 ppm). At the time, they were using a combination of a dispersant—Busperse® 248—and talc.

    The solution: Buckman® 280 was dosed at 13% of the talc feed rate (with a ratio of about 7.5 to 1), and talc was eliminated.

    The result: The mill successfully maintained quality parameters and produced low-ash pulp.


    Pitch Control Case Study 2

    The challenge: A South American eucalyptus mill was interested in producing low-ash pulp.

    The solution: Buckman 280 was dosed at a feed rate of about 9% of the original talc feed rate.

    The result: The mill successfully maintained quality parameters, and colloidal pitch counts decreased.


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