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    Full line of pitch control technologies for pulp and paper mills

    Buckman has a full product line for pitch control in the pulp and paper mill to help improve quality and productivity. The choice of program depends on many factors, and the Buckman team can help you make the selection. Our product line for pitch control includes:

    • Buckman® 280 an organic polymer that keeps pitch particles from melting and agglomerating, which keeps them from leaving large deposits on your equipment or in the sheet.
    • Busperse® dispersants and conditioners to help keep pitch dispersed, reduce tackiness, and prevent deposition on machinery and process clothing
    • Bufloc® coagulants and co-polymers to aid in extractives retention and reduced pitch deposition
    • Optimyze® enzyme-based solutions are a greener and more sustainable choice to break down pitch
    • Bubreak® defoamers to improve washing efficiency and remove pitch early in the process


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