Use Enzymes to Boost Tissue Bulk and Caliper

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    Use enzymes to boost tissue bulk and caliper

    The first lever pulled when strength is needed on the tissue machine is always refining. Operators need to make specification or risk rejected production. While increasing refining will get the tissue to its desired tensile, the way this is achieved causes many downstream negatives that cannot be recovered and in themselves cascade into further problems which must be managed at extra cost.

    The reason for this is that driving more and more fibrillation via increased intensity of mechanical refining results in more and more fiber cutting and flattening of the fiber. This results in serious issues for the tissue maker including:

    1. Reduced tear which results in sheet breaks on the machine as well as final product in-use and dispensing failures.
    2. Densification which suppresses absorbency and bulk while increasing stiffness and drying requirements.

    Read this article to find out how enzymes are a better option for improving bulk and caliper.


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