Improve Tissue Quality with Enzymes

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    Improve tissue quality with enzymes

    The term “quality” can be a very ambiguous word in the tissue industry. This is because tissue producers all have their own product specifications and individual methods for achieving them. Quality paper towel is signaled differently than quality bathroom tissue. In general, if we examine company advertising, we see several product characteristics that emerge where producers will intonate having an advantage that suggests higher quality. The most common of these are:

    • Softness
    • Stronger or stronger when wet
    • More absorbent

    Let’s examine how Buckman fiber modification enzymatic technology (FME) helps tissue makers address each of these product qualities.


    Softness is generally inversely proportional to strength. As tissue makers increase their tensile strength, the sheet also increases in stiffness, which results in the perception of the product being less soft. But how tissue makers get their tensile impacts the negative generation and perception of stiffness. Obtaining strength with high intensity refining generates fines, and these fines densify the sheet and increase perceived stiffness for a given tensile. Maximyze® FME technology allows  tissue makers to meet tensile targets at miminal refining intensities. The result is less sheet densification, which results in better bulk to basis weight, less stiffness and a better bulk softness perception.

    Stronger or stronger when wet

    Stronger when wet is a function of developing temporary wet strength. This is not something that fiber modification enzymes can deliver at this time. Buckman delivers this product trait to customers with our Bubond® 818 temporary wet strength resin. Stronger, on the on the hand, is exactly what FME technology from Buckman does best. FME from Buckman conditions fibers such that they can fibrillate with minimal refining intensity or even via fiber to fiber rubbing that occurs within your process. This allows customers to minimize, idle and even by-pass their refiners.


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