Buckman Announces New Suite of Immersive Digital Technology

MEMPHIS, Tenn., USA – Buckman, the specialty chemical company known for its relentless focus to deliver innovative solutions for customers in paper manufacturing, water treatment, process chemistry, and leather processing, announced a new suite of immersive digital technology that combines artificial, augmented, and mixed reality capabilities. Supported by Buckman’s expanding Ackumen™ platform, Ackumen Connected Reality enables Buckman personnel and customers to see, collaborate and solve problems remotely, dramatically reducing response time, errors, costs, and downtime.

“The pandemic only magnified the need for us to be able to collaborate and solve problems remotely,” said Dr. NM Rao, chief digital officer of Buckman. “Ackumen Connected Reality enables us to provide our customers with access to subject matter experts anywhere in the world to resolve, in just hours, issues that may have otherwise taken weeks with an in-person visit.”

Beyond collaborating remotely, Ackumen Connected Reality leverages 3D models and holograms that enable customers to make accurate space planning and logistical decisions prior to equipment installation, ensuring a smooth and surprise-free set-up which saves time and money from the start. Additionally, Ackumen Connected Reality provides documented guidance and access to expert advice via augmented reality technology so customers can solve routine maintenance, repairs, and operations (MRO) issues faster.

“We anticipate the continued need for remote collaboration post-pandemic and are excited about being able to offer this to our customers.” said Rao.

To learn more about Ackumen Connected Reality from Buckman, visit https://www.buckman.com/smart-technology/ackumen-connected-reality/

About Buckman

Buckman is completely committed to helping our customers succeed, regardless of the challenges facing them, the industry they operate in or their location in the world. To fulfill that commitment, we surround our rigorously trained industry experts with the highest-quality chemicals, the latest smart technology, and advanced data analysis. All focused on helping our customers’ operations improve productivity, increase profitability, and ensure safety, compliance, and sustainability. That is more than chemistry. That is Chemistry, connected.

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