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    Ackumen™ Cooling Management lets you see beyond data to simplify cooling water management like never before.

    Fighting cooling water system corrosion, scale and microbiological fouling has never been easy.
    Hidden problems can mean costly shutdowns, serious health risks and compliance violations. Even today, with conventional sensors and digital applications, you can get too much data and not enough meaningful insight. But now there’s a better way, a new breakthrough chemical/digital management solution that changes everything.

    Introducing Ackumen Cooling Management. Insights made clear.

    • State-of-the art IoT platform
    • Advanced wireless level and corrosion sensors
    • Cloud-based data and advanced data analysis
    • 24/7 expert monitoring and alarm management
    • Comprehensive chemistries
    • Automated inventory management

    It’s not about data. It’s about actionable insights.

    Ackumen Cooling Management takes your cooling water program beyond the data dump to the insights you care about most and delivers them to you in simple, easy-to-read, actionable system visualization graphics.

    • Easily monitor the status of every part of your cooling water system and the water running through it.
    • Clearly see how your KPIs are tracking.
    • Know at-a-glance whether an action is needed now or in five days.

    It’s all backed by expert monitoring.

    You can be confident that your system is getting the attention it deserves because it is monitored and analyzed 24/7 by actual data scientists and chemical engineers in our Insights Lab.

    • The lab deals with events as they happen, assessing every alarm and eliminating false ones.
    • Experts “see around the bend” and analyze patterns and correlations that are not visible to the naked eye.

    It supports the industry’s best chemistries and inventory system.

    Buckman is a leader in water treatment chemistries with comprehensive solutions for scale, corrosion and microbiological control. And Ackumen Cooling Management can interface with SMART Inventory, which uses IoT sensors to monitor chemical supply in any container, 24/7, and delivers inventory insight to you via its advanced online dashboard. With usage-based alerts, one-click ordering, and more, managing your inventory has never been so efficient.

    It’s easy, flexible and affordable.

    At a time when remote digital services have become more important than ever, many providers have a high-priced “take-it-or-leave-it” approach to their packaged offerings. Not Buckman. In addition to the remote monitoring and insights that come standard with every Ackumen Cooling Management installation, we offer:

    • A superior end-to-end customer experience, from system set-up to paying invoices
    • Complete transparency of your usage and spend
    • Flexible, unbundled service and component pricing options, so you get just what you need at an affordable price
    • The ability to choose the level of personal service and support you need to feel comfortable and safe during challenges, such as COVID-19

    Get the definitive solution for cooling water system performance.

    If you want cooling water data thrown at you from all directions, you have plenty of options. If you’d rather skip ahead to “problem solved”, you have only one. Ackumen Cooling Management is the hands-off, worry-free water treatment solution that combines best in class chemistries, cloud-based advanced data analytics, 24/7 expert monitoring and analysis, and accurate predictive modeling—all to take the work–and the guesswork–out of cooling water management.

    To learn more, connect with your Buckman representative or fill out the Contact form.

    Ackumen. Insights made clear.

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