Connected to Our Planet

Buckman and our employees will strive to consistently achieve and maintain the highest standards of environmental protection. We are continuously improving our environmental management practices, educating our employees in sound environmental procedures to ensure the responsible management of chemicals, and complying with environmental laws and regulations as well as our own high corporate standards.

During 2019-2020, we achieved a 20% reduction in the consumption of direct energy per kg of production from our baseline year (2015) and have already met our 2020 reduction goal. Also, during this time, no fines or nonmonetary sanctions were levied against any Buckman facility.

We have now established revised goals of 20% reduction of water consumption and waste intensity and a 15% reduction in energy consumption intensity for 2025 using 2020 as a baseline.


*The GRI guidelines for reporting effluents and waste were revised in 2018, which required some of our plants to report their effluent as hazardous waste, thus increasing our total waste intensity.


Our Focus Areas

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Connected to Our Planet

Continuously improving our environmental management practices…

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