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    Developing innovative Yankee creping chemistry

    In the early 90s, Buckman pioneered the development and use of softer, non-crosslinking chemistries for Yankee coating.  That chemistry changed the way tissue makers used their creping process by providing greatly-enhanced intimacy between the Yankee dryer and the tissue sheet.  This increased intimacy provided the opportunity for improved creping efficiencies which translated into better bulk to basis weight and significant softness improvement.  The chemistry formed the basis of several tissue manufacturers’ new product launches in the light dry crepe bathroom tissue segment with “new and improved” and “softer” marketing claims.

    Since that time, with the help of our customers, we have continued the evolution our understanding of the creping process.  We have focused on linking chemical properties to creping performance impacts.

    Developing cutting edge chemistry for a tissue machine requires screening methods that will identify which changes in a given chemical property are likely to provide the on-machine performance impact desired.  Achieving this required the development of new, lab-based testing methods and the equipment to carry out the tests because screening large numbers of chemical iterations on a commercial machine is impractical. 

    To that end Buckman has developed proprietary standardized testing methods that predict performance based on your key tissue machine parameters such as:

    • Dwell time
    • Surface temperature
    • Creping moisture
    • Pressure roll nip conditions

    This allows our scientists to rapid screen product iterations for their potential and to present the best alternatives to our product development team. These best alternative chemistries are then screened via regular pilot machine time for proof of concept against the identified proposed value proposition and to allow for comparison against existing offerings in our product line.  

    Confirmed proof of concept iterations are then sent to our process development group where SOP and scale up are finalized.  With several manufacturing sites around the globe, Buckman maintains control over product quality from ideation through to manufacturing.  Our regional tissue experts then work in partnership with your technical and operations personnel to ensure an effective transition to our program in order to meet the established KPIs for your application.

    To learn more about our Yankee coating performance testing methods and how they provide a data driven Yankee coating selection process, contact your local Buckman representative or use the form at the right to ask your question to one of our global experts.


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