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    Expand your tissue’s softness potential. Get the SELECT Yankee dryer adhesive system from Buckman.

    Buckman’s innovative SELECT system combines a hard base adhesive and one of several soft rewettable second adhesives specially selected for grade and heat demand. The first provides uniform Yankee protection and high sheet bonding. The second enhances sheet attachment at the pressure roll to produce an exploded microcreped sheet structure. Together they can expand your tissue’s potential for higher softness, better production efficiency, and greater profitability!

    Get a strong bond at the blade, better sheet attachment at the roll.

    With the SELECT system, there’s more control over adhesive performance. In fact, by selecting just the right combination of adhesives at just the right ratio, Buckman can help you achieve ideal coating properties on any dry crepe Yankee for any tissue grade. So your tissue comes out softer.

    A reliable base adhesive

    Our relatively hard, robust base adhesive offers uniform coating, excellent dryer protection, and high bond strength between the coating and the sheet at the doctor blade. A specially selected second adhesive The second, soft rewettable adhesive is applied to provide greater sheet attachment and intimacy at the pressure roll. Buckman determines which adhesive to use and the proper ratio by assessing these key factors:

    • Yankee surface temperature
    • Dwell time between the shower and the pressure roll nip
    • Fiber type
    • Creped product being produced
    • Your business strategy for the grade

    The result is optimal microcreping and softness for every condition and every grade.


    The SELECT system prevents the sheet from following the felt, ensuring outstanding runnability.


    The SELECT system is compatible with all Buckman oil-based releases and surfactant/humectant-based modifiers.


    The SELECT system is an excellent choice for both virgin and secondary fiber systems and a wide range of products, from
    away-from-home to premium.


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