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An early pioneer in microorganism control,
Buckman has grown to be a leading supplier of new-generation water treatment solutions for the pulp and paper industry, including:

  • Influent and effluent treatment using our innovative green chemistries
  • Water recovery and reuse processes, including liquid-solid separation, filtration, thermal, and membrane desalination
  • Cooling and boiler water treatment
  • Energy efficiencies to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Process integrity
  • Odor control
  • Safety—Recovery Boiler Advisor™, our leak detection system to ensure a safer working environment for associates and protection for valuable assets
  • Other technologies, such as combustion additives for improved fuel utilization, reduced fireside deposits, and cleaner stack emission


Oxamine programs utilize Buckman’s proprietary feed equipment designed for industry-leading safety and reduced human to chemical contact. It’s the only technology on the market with all these advanced safety features.

  • Leak detection
  • A built-in separator to keep active ingredients apart in the case of a linebreak or other issue
  • Automatic flushing in case power is lost
  • Regular inspection by Buckman personnel to ensure efficient, safe operation

With Oxamine, you are also protected from unexpected costs because the equipment is owned and maintained by Buckman—no capital investment is necessary. And we’ll link it to your DCS or remote monitoring system so you can track vital activity.

Oxamine is the most stable microbicide on the market so it works harder, longer. It’s not affected by the high organic oxidant demand that often plagues pulp and paper mills. Whether your utilities suffer from high pH, manganese, iron or biological demand, Oxamine can outperform traditional treatments, effectively controlling the broad spectrum of microorganisms to keep water and equipment clean.

Excessive chlorine demand leads to corrosion. Oxamine puts a stop to that. By cutting chlorine use by 60–70%, you’ll be able to cut chemistry costs and avoid downtime. Even better, Oxamine dosage can be just one third what other alternative microbicides recommend. Oxamine won’t undermine the efficacy of other chemicals such as raw water clarification chemistries. In fact, Oxamine will allow coagulants and flocculants to work to their fullest potential reducing and stabilizing water turbidity.

Oxamine is environmentally friendly, reducing the potential toxicity of your mill’s effluent and producing far less potential carcinogens than other treatments. In fact, it’s safer than chlorine gas and doesn’t contain trihalomethanes (THMs), byproducts of chlorine gas, bromine or bleach treatments, which means no regulatory reporting. Chemical discharge to lakes and rivers can be significantly reduced.

Upgrading your influent treatment program to Oxamine is easier than you think. We’ll start with an in-depth Evaluation Plan Workshop to address all your concerns, streamline the process and meet your expectations. We’ll do everything possible to make the transition trouble-free and worry-free. Once we’re done, you’ll love the way Oxamine protects your utilities, your people, the environment and the bottom line.

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