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The best recycled fiber doesn't come from old recycled ideas. You need fresh thinking. And a customized approach. As recycled fiber has become increasingly important in the global shift toward sustainability, Buckman has worked to find ways to make processing it more efficient—to remove inks more effectively, make fiber brighter, reduce waste, and raise productivity throughout the mill.

Buckman recycled fiber programs can significantly enhance profitability and return on investment through:

  • Fiber mix optimization
  • Improved yield
  • Enhanced fiber performance in the papermaking operation
  • Lower energy and water consumption per ton of fiber recovered

In short, we provide the innovative products, application technologies, and onsite services to help you make the highest quality pulp at the lowest possible cost.

Look to Buckman for improvements in these key areas:

  • Repulping
  • Screening
  • Flotation and Washing
  • Brightening
  • Water Clarification
  • Other applications

 For information about our Optimyze® enzymatic technology, view this video.

Make Buckman your first resource for secondary fiber processing.

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