Improve Floc Settling and Sugar Juice Clarity

Improve floc settling and sugar juice clarity with new generation Bufloc® 5774 and 5775.

Get ready to rock the floc with Bufloc 5774 for SRI clarifiers and Bufloc 5775 for multi-tray clarifiers. These advanced flocculants have been specially formulated to boost settling rates in your sugar juice and provide exceptional liquid-solid separation in a wide range of conditions. With Bufloc 5774 or 5775, your plant can achieve maximum clarity at a lower total cost. Why settle for anything less?

Research chemists have engineered the molecular structure and charge ratios of our latest Bufloc offerings to optimize the clarification of sugar juices. They efficiently remove the impurities by entrapping small primary flocs within a network of fast-settling flocs. This process enhances settling rates in the clarifier to improve throughput in the rawhouse. You’ll see a clear difference in your production and in the cost to achieve it.

Choose the flocculant that’s right for your clarifier

Bufloc 5774 – An ultra-high molecular weight flocculant combined with just the right charge ratio.  This makes it perfect for short retention SRI clarifiers.

Bufloc 5775 – Drawing  on extensive experience, we’ve established the best molecular weight and charge ratio  for outstanding clarification in multi-tray systems, including Dorr, Graver, Bach and Rapidorr.

Improve performance

You can rely on Bufloc 5774 or 5775 for:

  • Higher solids removal and faster settling rates
  • Consistent, superior performance due to an anionic charge range that deals effectively with differing conditions of soil, climate, solar radiation and rainfall

Enhance profitability

Bufloc flocculants can improve your bottom line by providing:

  • Greater process efficiency at low dosage levels, resulting in reduced handling and storage costs
  • Optimised throughput
  • A lower total cost of production

Get all the support you need

With a full range of solutions for the sugar industry, a commitment to customer service, deep application expertise, remote monitoring capabilities and more, Buckman isn’t just chemistry. It’s chemistry, connected.

Juice Up Your Clarification Program with Bufloc 5774 and 5775

Improve floc settling and sugar juice clarity with new generation Bufloc® 5774 and 5775.



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Sugar & Ethanol Product Application Guide

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Improve Floc Settling and Sugar Juice Clarity with Bufloc 5774 and 5775

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