Dryer Felt Cleaner

Warm dryer felt cleaning chemical can save paper and packaging mills both time and money.

Conventional alkaline felt cleaners require you to cool the dryers before applying, which will cost you time and money. That’s why Buckman developed Busperse® 2449 felt cleaning chemistry. It has been formulated to go directly on the dryer felts while the dryers are still warm to significantly reduce both the downtime needed for batch cleaning and the costs that come with it. Heat is energy, so why not use that energy to safely, quickly and cost-effectively clean those troublesome deposits without the risk of seam failure.

Tougher on stickies.

Busperse 2449 tackles the most challenging stickies to get felts remarkably clean. It’s the perfect choice for recycled fiber applications in which significant deposition on the dryers and dryer fabrics can occur. With felt cleaning technology from Buckman, you can improve heat transfer and reduce sheet defects and breaks.

Easier on felts and people.

Dryer felts before (L) and after (R) application of Busperse 2449.

Other cleaners can damage felt seams if dryers are not cooled and then properly rinsed. However, Busperse 2449 is different. It’s a nonflammable, low-odor solvent that won’t cause seam failure. Also, it doesn’t require workers to keep their distance like many conventional cleaners do.