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    See how paper machine defoamers perform in your unique conditions

    As you push your process to keep up with demand, how can you be sure your paper machine defoamer will keep up? When you partner with Buckman, you will see exactly how different products perform in your unique operating conditions. Buckman experts study everything about your process—from furnish and equipment to variations in whitewater properties—and use this data to conduct lab evaluations of various products in a simulated environment.

    Supported by technologies like a foam generator and sonar-based entrained air measurement, Buckman’s testing protocol provides you with repeatable online graphs that compare precise performance characteristics, such as surface foam control and deaeration.

    At this point, seeing is believing. With these insights in hand, you can confidently select a product that will deliver the exact performance you need—without having to compromise on efficacy. And as you optimize your defoamer program with the right product, you’ll reduce overfeeding, eliminate wasted chemicals and spend, and better meet your regulatory and environmental requirements.


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