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    Upgrade your air control for new dynamics

    Because yesterday’s defoamers can’t keep up with today’s intense operating conditions, you use more than you should—which can throw your entire process out of balance. When you partner with Buckman, you will upgrade your air control to respond to dynamic changes and new requirements. Buckman is constantly sourcing and developing the next generation of high-performance defoamers with attributes like higher concentrations, biodegradable components, and formulations optimized for regional conditions (e.g., furnish and water types, local regulations, etc.). So, as you adjust your process in support of specific quality or production goals—maybe running equipment faster or adding more sizing and strength—you’ll be able to reduce both surface foam and entrained air to improve runnability and efficiency. This means you’ll get more out of existing equipment and chemical applications, while avoiding the unintended side effects that can lead to cycles of overfeeding and waste.


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