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    Pushing for tissue quality hurts throughput – and vice versa

    Today’s tissue makers are beholden to management and customer expectations for higher quality at lower production costs. When chasing a quality improvement like softness, it’s common to consider furnish changes or chemical additives in the hopes that gains can be achieved independently of the more complicated creping process. Unfortunately, these furnish and chemical changes often negatively impact the existing creping package to the point of production disruption. Or creping effectiveness is reduced to where the expected softness gain isn’t achieved. Conversely, attempts to increase productivity via speeding up can result in increased sheet breaks or quality issues.

    The problem is, trying to solve the quality or productivity problem by avoiding the Yankee coating package can put your assets at risk. You’ll incur more and more costs for compensatory measures, such as adding softwood or chemical softeners or having to change blades more frequently. Meanwhile, you’ll experience excessive downtime, culled material, and lost production that not only damage your bottom line; but also put your quality—and brand—under a microscope at a time when defects stand out much more than incremental improvements.


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