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    Filter Yankee coating selection through a tissue process audit

    Mills often avoid Yankee coating changes because they’ve gone through failed trials in the past, and they don’t see how another product could deliver different results. When you partner with Buckman, you will filter chemistry selection through your unique business needs, so you can make successful coating changes. This is possible because Buckman starts with a structured, detailed audit of your entire process, conducted by members of our Tissue Team—all of whom have operational, equipment, and chemistry expertise developed through training and direct manufacturing experience. And they work fast, so instead of waiting a month or more for a data dump, you’ll have clear recommendations in your hands within two to five days. What’s more, these insights go beyond the tissue machine into areas you may not normally consider, such as creping pocket setup or spray boom design. Lastly, the tissue team pairs these insights with its proprietary lab testing of chemistries, so you can choose the right coating based on the exact properties you need to achieve your goals.


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