Entrained Air: Maintain Your Centerline

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    Entrained Air: Maintain your centerline regardless of variations

    With feedstock quality and grade requirements changing multiple times per shift, your operators often try to control entrained air through manual adjustments, such as pushing defoamer. Yet while these may work in the moment, they can cause downstream issues if not readjusted before each job (e.g., excessive defoamer usage). With Ackumen™ ECHOWISE® Pro, you will maintain your centerline regardless of operational variations. ECHOWISE Pro can trigger an automated, continuous control response, with the defoamer application, to proactively keep entrained air levels within your defined performance parameters. This is important because air impacts your drainage capability, which then impacts your efficiency and paper quality. For example, you might want to hit a 1% entrained air mark for one grade and 2% for another. By taking advantage of closed-loop control, you’ll not only be more precise about hitting specific targets across your runs; you’ll hold to them, so you can actually hit your output goals. No more worrying about visual foam, human errors, or different operator tendencies. When your team sees how consistently the system runs in auto-control, you’ll greatly reduce the temptation to run in manual—and many of the variables that have stalled performance in the past.


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