What If You Could Dose MCA Intelligently?

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    What if you could dose MCA intelligently?

    Many factors, including some that are beyond your control, affect how process chemistries function in your environment. Treating at the point of the problem can simply create new variability down the line. With Buckman MCA, you can dose stable monochloramine more intelligently. With our continuous dosing methodology and technology that applies MCA with flexibility to each dosing line, you can maintain the correct dosing at all times, at every point in the process. As a result, you’ll optimize your functional chemistries and reduce corrosion and scale buildup. And with our 100% MCA, which is a more persistent, longer-lasting and appropriately oxidative monochloramine, you can use less of the expensive process chemistry that can have unpredictable downstream effects. All this means you’ll use MCA not just to control slime and odor, but also to preserve stability throughout the entire process.


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