Improve defoaming, drainage, deposit control and deaeration with our pulp and paper defoamer chemicals

Pulp washing aids from Buckman can help with some of the pulp and paper mill’s biggest problems – defoaming, drainage, deposits, and deaeration.  We also provide technology for monitoring entrained air in pulp and paper systems.

Comprehensive product lines including:

  • Bubreak® and DrainEdge ranges meeting all requirements for pulp, bleaching, paper machine, and integrated liquor, water, and waste streams

Application Strategy

Comprehensive solution provider including:

  • Design and supply of safe, automated dosing systems
  • Establishment of the most cost-effective application points
  • Selection of chemistry based on the system and requirements—ensuring benefits go beyond just conventional foam control

Monitoring and Control Strategy

Capable of providing a full range of services to effectively control foam in any system:

  • Off-line and on-line entrained air content measurement systems
  • Foam level control strategies