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    Redefine brown stock washing (BSW) ROI

    You may be stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to obtain a cheaper BSW defoamer, but it comes at the expense of your overall washing costs. This is because you’ve looked at your core problem as suppressing foam at the lowest possible cost. But it’s really about how you can drive the highest return from your pulp washing.

    The most successful mills are realizing that to be viable in this challenging market, you need to break the foam cycle. That means uncovering what’s really impacting washing performance, with the expertise to solve problems at their source. And it means redefining successful pulp washing around increased drainage and exit consistencies, so you can drive long-term improvements across your entire process.

    When you shift your thinking from cheap foam knockdown to efficient washing, you’ll optimize energy usage by using less wash water and reducing evaporator load. You’ll improve the quality of your product, while lowering bleaching costs and soda losses. And, you’ll supercharge your process to drive more throughput without having to spend capital on equipment. This is how you position yourself to stay ahead of the market’s ever-changing demands.

    Improve defoaming, drainage, deposit control and deaeration with our pulp wash aids

    Pulp wash aids from Buckman can help with some of the pulp mill’s biggest problems – defoaming, drainage, deposits, and deaeration.  We also provide technology for monitoring entrained air in pulp and paper systems.

    Comprehensive product lines include:

    • Bubreak® and DrainEdge ranges meeting all requirements for pulp, bleaching, paper machine, and integrated liquor, water, and waste streams

    Application Strategy

    Buckman is a comprehensive solution provider including:

    • Design and supply of safe, automated dosing systems
    • Establishment of the most cost-effective application points
    • Selection of chemistry based on the system and requirements—ensuring benefits go beyond just conventional foam control

    Monitoring and Control Strategy

    Full range of services to optimize washing aid applications

    • Brown stock washer (BSW) runnability
    • ECHOWISE® entrained air content monitoring
    • Defoamer usage and washing efficiency
    • Foam level control strategies
    • Shower water flow
    • Black liquor solids
    • Pulp cleanliness in terms of soda losses and conductivity
    • Oxygen delignification chemicals and oxygen consumption
    • Bleaching efficiency and chemicals consumption
    • Pulp brightness and dirt count


    Better drainage. More productivity.

    Ultimately, your pulp mill’s performance is only as good as your washer performance. Inefficient pulp washing can lead to production bottlenecks, reduced quality and higher chemical and production costs. That’s why Buckman offers more than one solution for your pulp washing challenges. We take the time to study all the issues, from foaming to pitch deposits, and we customize a solution that improves washer performance where it counts—on the bottom line.



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