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    Microbicide programs to protect your leather products

    Buckman is a leader in providing microbicide programs for leather. Damage caused by microorganisms costs the global leather industry tens of millions of dollars in revenue each year. Hide, skin and leather suppliers and tanners understand the need for microbicide products to protect their valuable raw material.

    A Buckman microorganism control program, incorporating leading brands Aurora® and Busan®, is the global benchmark for performance and comprises three basic elements:

    • Process Optimization: Selection of the right product, at the right dosage, and applied in the right part of the process.
    • Performance Monitoring: Measurements to confirm the uptake of the active substance and the compatibility with the processing environment.
    • Product Stewardship: Safe use of products within regulatory guidelines and market requirements.

    We offer a broad range of bactericides, fungicides and sanitizers containing different active substances in a range of concentrations to meet all needs. Products are expertly formulated to obtain optimal distribution in processing. On-site methods and laboratory techniques are then used to measure performance, ensuring reliable results.


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