High Water Treatment Costs

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    My water treatment costs are too high.

    Here’s why: Treatment costs can easily rise due to overdosing, underdosing or not using the most effective chemistries for your problem.

    So what: It doesn’t have to be this way. The trick is having in place an effective, real-time monitoring system that lets you be proactive, not reactive, and apply just the right microbicides in just the right doses.

    How we fight: You can look to us for advanced chemical and digital programs with monitoring technology that can conduct precise online measurements of key microbiological control parameters and deliver the data to you in real time. The ability to provide feedback directly to your automated biocide feed unit keeps your system in optimum balance. And advanced inventory monitoring ensures efficient chemistry management. With Buckman and our digital solutions, you’ll get complete control of your cooling water program so fouling, plant efficiency and costs stay under control, too.

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