Yankee Coating

You want softness in your tissue, not in your chemical solutions provider

With the modern equipment and high quality furnish available, it is possible to be able to start up a new tissue machine and be making saleable, high quality tissue within hours.  Previous barriers to entry for manufacturers related to process patents, organizational knowledge, channel to market and access to high quality fiber no longer apply in most cases.  It has become quite easy, relatively speaking, to make decent tissue at high speeds.  What now contributes greatly to separating good from great in the tissue market is dependent on an organization’s ability to leverage maximum value creation through the creping process.

The creping process, more than any other step in the tissue making chain, is what determines the final product’s characteristics.  It is the most efficient manner of debonding and bulking the sheet structure.  

Let Buckman bring a new level of quality and efficiency to your tissue and towel operation. That’s why Buckman provides strong support for your entire Yankee creping operation, solving problems and creating the opportunities that lead to a better tissue and more efficient tissue making. We’ll meet the requirements of your machine, your grades, and your budget.

Explore more details below about how Buckman expertise and innovation can be applied to help your organization extract more value from your most important unit operation, YOUR YANKEE CREPING PROCESS.

Expertise and Capabilities

Global Expertise

Subject matter experts at your disposal…

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Light Dry Crepe

30 years of innovation…

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The Science Behind the Chemistry

Purposeful, proprietary and patented…

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Yankee Coating for Structured Tissue

The power of the plus…

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Tissue Select

Expand  your tissue’s softness potential…

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Videos and Webinars

More ways Buckman Yankee coating excels…

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Creping Product Line Overview

Our technology and tradename offerings

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