TAD+® Yankee Coatings for Structured Tissue

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    Yankee coatings for Through Air Dried and hybrid-structured tissue machine platforms

    After years of unchallenged dominance in the structured tissue machine market, Through Air Dried (TAD) technology has seen an explosion of new OEM and proprietary developed hybrid structured tissue manufacturing platforms that now compete with it. 

    Among the OEM-provided new hybrid platforms we can find Voith’s ATMOS, Valmet’s NTT and QRT, and Andritz’s PrimeLineTex.  Traditional TAD OEMs include Valmet, Toscotec and Andritz.  There also exist a couple of proprietary platforms developed by individual tissue companies.

    TAD machines and the new hybrid structured offerings present both opportunities and challenges to the tissue makers who install them.  These platforms present the sort of challenging creping process conditions that traditional LDC Yankee coating chemistries do a poor job of addressing.

    The main challenges a Yankee coating package must deal with in structured platforms are:

    • Much higher Yankee surface temperatures
    • Longer dwell times
    • Greatly reduced contact points between the sheet and the coating due to the structured fabric design
    • Unique transfer nip conditions

    Buckman has successfully partnered with both OEMs and tissue manufacturing companies to develop proprietary Yankee coating packages for both TAD and hybrid structured tissue platforms. 

    Our TAD+ line of coating chemistry has been designed to provide tissue manufacturers with the following benefits:

    • Improved coating stability (improved blade life and efficiency)
    • Ability to transfer to the Yankee wetter
    • Improve CD profile tolerance (fewer breaks)
    • Improved reel build (improved converting performance)
    • Extended blade life
    • Reduced/replaced PVOH
    • Improved TSA
    • Improved caliper

    To find out more about the suitability of TAD+ coating packages for your structured tissue operation, contact one of our global specialists via the form at the right.

    To view a webinar on the modification of PVOH-based structured tissue coating packages, click the image below. Note that you may need to register for Brighttalk.com if you have never used that webinar platform before.

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