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    Yankee coating offerings for your conventional tissue machines 

    With the modern equipment and high quality furnish available, it is possible to be able to start up a new tissue machine and be making saleable, high quality tissue within hours.  Previous barriers to entry for manufacturers related to process patents, organizational knowledge, channel to market and access to high quality fiber no longer apply in most cases.  It has become quite easy, relatively speaking, to make decent tissue at high speeds.  What now contributes greatly to separating good from great in the tissue market is dependent on an organization’s ability to leverage maximum value creation through the creping process.

    The creping process, more than any other step in the tissue making chain, is what determines the final product’s characteristics.  It is the most efficient manner of debonding and bulking the sheet structure.  

    In light dry crepe, running the formed base sheet through the creping process results in the following property adjustments:

    The parameters above are integral to the tissue makers profitability.  Improvements in any of the set can be leveraged in a multitude of ways to drive production and efficiency as the below examples show:

    Improve efficiency:

    • Reduce basis weight while maintaining bulk specification: Reduced fiber cost per case
    • Reduce crepe ratio while maintaining bulk specification: Increased production rates
    • Reduce sheet count while maintaining roll size and density: Reduced fiber cost per case
    • Increase creping moisture while maintaining bulk: Reduced energy consumption 
    • Substitute with lower quality fiber while maintaining bulk: Reduce fiber cost

    Leverage marketing opportunities:

    • Promote the absorbency gain vs competition obtained via reduced sheet density
    • Wind larger roll size to benefit from the customer perception of value on the shelf

    Buckman provides a line of proprietary and patented chemistries that help tissue manufacturers extract more value from their creping process.  This includes adhesives, releases, modifiers and extenders.  These products must be combined applied together as a package in order to achieve the end of goal of a stable creping process that maximizes both production and quality.  Assembling that package requires a Buckman Tissue expert who will audit your creping process and tissue machine such that the goals you want to achieve can be taken in context of your equipment and process constraints.  

    Read our article published in Tissue Technology International: Optimizing bulk via the creping process.










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