Natural Coating Analyzer

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    Get real-time natural coating data so you can make proactive Yankee coating adjustments.

    Monitor and control with the Tissue Pulse™ Natural Coating Analyzer.

    All those soluble and colloidal substances that end up precipitating on your dryer are what is referred to as natural coating, and it varies constantly. Measuring it manually in the lab takes hours. But now there’s a better way — the Tissue Pulse Natural Coating Analyzer (NCA) from Buckman. It’s smart technology that gives your operators real-time online natural coating measurements, so they can predict when Yankee coating adjustments should be made to significantly improve runnability, reduce rejects, improve tissue quality and save blade life.

    The Tissue Pulse NCA gives you all the data you need, when and where you need it.

    It’s fast.

    Advanced capabilities can provide natural coating data points every second, if you wish, which gives you and your Buckman representative the ability to proactively troubleshoot with a considerable amount of baseline data.

    It’s comprehensive.

    By accurately measuring natural coating, Tissue Pulse NCA helps you to:

    • Identify how changes in fiber quality or type are affecting your Yankee coating.
    • Track the impact of refining on natural coating levels.
    • See, and eventually predict, the impact of any wet end chemical additions like wet strength resins, dry strength resins, CMC and much more.

    It’s easy.

    Once the baseline control limits are established, proactive alarm warnings will notify the operators or your Buckman representative when coating adjustments may be necessary. The system can send data to Ackumen™, our digital platform.

    It’s accurate.

    After the Tissue Pulse NCA is calibrated with manual tests, accuracy within a tenth of a milligram per square meter can be achieved, giving you all the accuracy you need to determine proper coating and release feed rates for the Yankee dryer.

    It’s automated.

    The skid is equipped with an automated flush valve, alarms that can report problems, and an intuitive interface that allows users to easily trigger flushes or reset alarms. When the NCA detects that the paper machine is down, it will turn itself off but leave water in the line so the pH probe doesn’t dry out. When the machine comes back up, the skid will go through a flush cycle and begin calculating natural coating without human intervention.