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    Buckman’s Recovery Boiler Advisor leak detection system gives boiler operators updated information four times a minute.

    With worker safety embedded in company cultures and constant market pressure to run leaner, your operators are caught between safety and production concerns every time a potential recovery boiler leak is detected.  And as they weigh whether to initiate an emergency shutdown procedure or keep systems running and investigate, they have to consider numerous sights, sounds, and data points from the boiler.

    In most cases, your operators haven’t been able to easily and confidently simulate recovery boiler leak scenarios, which prevents confidence building over time. And specialty instruments, chemicals, or homebrew systems add more inputs to consider, as well as frequent cleaning, calibration, and maintenance concerns. As a result, many of these systems drift or fall into disuse, giving the mill a false sense of security. And that means leaks can go undetected longer, leading to adjacent equipment damage, costly shutdowns, and in worst-case scenarios, catastrophic failure.

    Mill mangers and operators need to stop thinking about leak detection as discrete, moment-in-time events; but rather a collection of leak dynamics evolving in real time. Once you change thinking from detection to dynamics, you need to drive safety with purpose by gathering a wider set of boiler data that includes symptoms, locations, and recommended actions. Trade maintenance for mastery by eliminating extraneous sensors and focusing more on your equipment. Empower operators to separate false alarms from real, so they can take confident action in all leak scenarios.

    When you do this, you’ll be more proactive about slowdowns and shutdowns, limiting repair costs and maximizing production. You’ll also run leaner with your own equipment, while reducing your workers’ safety risks and avoiding catastrophic events.

    Recovery Boiler Advisor (RBA) provides real-time data you need to make informed decisions regarding tube leaks

    Read more about the topics below to see how RBA is different from the systems you may currently use.

    No extraneous equipment to add complexity and points of failure

    Detect leaks by monitoring only your equipment

    With most leak detection systems, you have to install hardware and equipment…


    Adjust analytic sensitivity to reduce false alarms

    False alarms destroy confidence—in the data, the alerts…


    Go beyond surface observations and take confident action

    Most leak detection systems rely heavily on one type of real-time data to find anomalies…



    Empower confident action in any leak scenario

    Eliminate emotional decisions through knowledge

    When operators don’t have full confidence, they’re more likely to panic and act unpredictably in a leak scenario…


    Monitor performance beyond leak detection

    Boilers are complex machines with numerous points of failure…


    View critical leak dynamics on one screen

    Speed is everything in leak detection, which means your operators can’t be wasting time comparing data points…


    Drive safety with purpose

    Rely only on your people and equipment for safety

    You want to be in full control of your mill’s safety. But when your leak detection system…


    Pinpoint leaks faster—even beyond boiler trip

    Some systems can take as long as 30 minutes to warn operators of a large leak. And they rarely provide location information…


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