Ackumen ECHOWISE® Pro for Pulp and Paper

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    Get superior entrained air control with Ackumen™ ECHOWISE® Pro, the revolutionary non-invasive technology for pulp and paper.

    While the goals of papermaking have not changed, a number of pressures have thrown the usual processes out of balance: exploding demand for packaging and tissue, greying of your expert staff, and increasingly tight budgets.

    Mills are doing their best to stay on top of all these variables: pulling manual samples and running tests; using chemicals as primary levers for process control; and attempting to standardize across machines and/or grades by setting master KPIs.

    These approaches end up creating more variables in processes, leading to slowdowns and shutdowns that impact production; excessive costs through maintenance, troubleshooting, and chemical usage; and increased likelihood of quality problems like breaks, pinholes, and other defects.

    This is because mills have been working to take out variability from what they can see. But first, you need to understand and control what is unseen: entrained air.

    To control entrained air, you need to measure and troubleshoot it in real time, so you can remove this previously hidden variable as a disruptor; balance defoamer usage with the realities of your process; and standardize your air control strategy across your entire fleet of paper machines and grades.

    When you minimize air’s influence in the pulp and paper process, you’ll see and solve other issues in your process to improve overall machine efficiency; you’ll use the right amount of chemical, often reducing defoamer needs by 30-40%; and you’ll operate more consistently and predictably for increased production and higher quality at lower total costs.


    Variation causes issues

    The invisible villain

    The invisible villain with the most ability to disrupt everything…

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    Remove the hidden variable

    It’s difficult to solve issues when their root causes are obscured…

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    Automatically upgrade your control algorithms

    Typical entrained air sampling methods are invasive and infrequent…

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    Maintain your centerline regardless of variations

    With feedstock quality and grade requirements changing multiple times per shift…

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    Chemistry can only do so much

    Defoamer costs vs. process efficiency

    Cost pressures only continue to increase…

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    Achieve best-in-class defoamer use

    When restrictive purchasing agreements lead to unpredictable interactions…

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    Decouple process stability from defoamer purchasing

    …so you can make the best decisions for the health and value of your entire process…

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    Break the chemistry cycle by holding air at target

    When entrained air numbers fluctuate, the instinct is to chase it back with defoamer…

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    Strategize your air control strategy

    Standardize entrained air control

    It can be overwhelming to try to optimize at scale…

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    Automate entrained air control

    Rather than taking samples, automate air control with ECHOWISE Pro…

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    Get operators on board

    Through KPIs, process control and data-based insights…

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    Ackumen™ ECHOWISE® Pro for pulp and paper

    What makes it different

    What sets ECHOWISE PRO sonar technology apart from other monitoring options…

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    How it works

    Passive sonar flow processing employs two separate, but synergistic measurement techniques…

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    Watch the video

    This video demonstrates how Ackumen ECHOWISE measures entrained air.

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