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Optimize tissue absorbency, softness, and strength with solutions from Buckman.

Whether you produce premium bath, towel, away from home, or consumer tissue products, Buckman can help you improve both the quality of your tissue and the efficiency of your operation. We offer a full range of products and expertise from influent clarification and boiler treatment to creping products and lotions.

  • Maximyze® fiber modification enzymatic technology conditions fibers to save money and energy
  • Bubond® temporary wet strength resin to improve profitability and performance of bathroom tissue
  • Bubond wet strength resin for effective wet tensile development in facial and towel
  • Buckman on tissue machine and converting lotions for increased surface feel
  • Buckman proprietary creping technology for light dry crepe, ATMOS, TAD, and more

A commitment to sustainability
Buckman is working toward a sustainable future, and we're committed to helping the tissue industry do the same. By providing eco-friendly chemistries, reducing processing time, improving machinery performance, and finding new ways to conserve water and electricity, we can help you create not only a healthier environment but also a stronger business.

For information about our Maximyze® enzymatic technology, view this video.

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